Job Manager

Clockwork Job Manager is the market leading studio management system.  JobManager puts the fun back into running your business by guiding your jobs intelligently through the studio, leaving you free to do what you’re best at – being creative!

JobManager controls all aspects of your planning, production and costing process. Its intuitive interface accessed from Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or Web.

Working as a virtual job bag, seamlessly linking together your Contacts, Quotes, Jobs, Briefs, Time Entry, Purchases and Invoices,  JobManager gives you up to the second planning information at your finger tips.

Everything you need relating to your jobs are held in one place.  Simply a click away you can view real time job costing and track the progress of your jobs through the studio.

Access to the different areas of JobManager is controlled by your choice of team so your designers, project managers and directors will experience just the level of detail that’s relevant to them.

Real-time email alerts, status traffic lights, live links to iCal and automated prompts mean JobManager proactively alerts you to changing events.

You have full management reporting and capacity planning.  For example you could display time sheet history split by operator by week and by client, then display the result as text, or a Gantt chart or display on a calendar within iCal or export to Excel.

Uniquely with Clockwork JobManager we include customisation with every system.

We work with you to tailor JobManager  to include your branding, custom fields and reporting as we understand no two businesses are identical.

JobManager can share information with accounts systems such as Sage and MYOB and most asset management systems.

Finally we provide full training for you and your team with comprehensive on-site support all as part of the package.


Feature List

All the information for your client in one place

  • Address, contact details and key fields
  • Individual contacts at the client with their own contact details
  • Client price matrix preferences for estimating and materials usage
  • Client job history
Simple to use but very powerful estimating

  • Client matrix driven estimate detail
  • Letter format estimate
  • Intelligent composition of pages used into your branded quote
  • Email and PDF generation to client contact
  • Raise job from estimate or attach multiple estimates to jobs
  • Raise invoice from estimate, duplicate and track estimate versions
Where it all comes together in a virtual job bag

  • System wide reporting
  • Template driven planning with multiple Gantt chart views
  • Auto calculate due dates of jobs and briefs taking into account bank holidays and weekends.
  • Drag and drop calendar with iCal live link
  • Instant job summary for all areas of a job
  • Automatic creation of job folders on your artwork server
  • Capacity planning
  • Meeting minutes
  • Client communication management
  • Document attachment
  • + much much more !
Your personal home page is just one click away

  • View briefs allocated to you or your department with quick link to all areas of the system
  • Record your timesheet live or enter manual sheet
  • See live status updates and action prompts relevant to you or your department
  • Quick system preview and summary of areas you are interested in
All the information for your suppliers in one place

  • Address, contact details and key fields
  • Individual contacts at the supplier with their own contact details
  • Supplier history
Quick purchase orders attached to jobs

  • Raise a branded purchase order from a Job
  • Email PDF to supplier
  • Multiple delivery addresses
  • Purchase reporting
Supplier Print Quotes
Need three print quotes adding to the job – no problem

  • Raise one quote to three suppliers
  • Email PDF quote to suppliers
  • Attach received quotes as viewable documents
  • Pick “winning” quote and allocate to a job
  • Raise client estimate & purchase order from supplier quote without re-keying
Fast and safe billing

  • Create invoices from quotes
  • Create free form invoices
  • Export to most account systems including Sage and MYOB
  • Invoice reporting