DORIS is our asset management and artwork approval system.

In use by ad agencies across the country and at the heart of many of our more unusual bespoke systems DORIS is a very reliable and customisable system.

Fully accessible by up to 995 concurrent users who can access DORIS from Mac, PC, iPad and the Web.



Assets stored on DORIS can be called up by key field or metadata.  For example you could ask for all the assets with “apples” in the job title added to the system after 2010 that are jpegs and above 300 dpi.

Images stored on the system can be downloaded in many different file formats and resolutions.

You can limit user groups to user privileges for DORIS to individuals or groups.  This can limit a user to read only or limit the resolution of images they can download.

A full audit trail is kept of user access, uploads and downloads.



Artwork stored on DORIS as a PDF can be annotated and collated in projects. You can for example request a combined PDF of all the unapproved pages for a given project to be emailed to another user or downloaded to your desktop.

The approval status of artwork can be recorded within DORIS with multi departmental sign-offs.

Comments and actions can be attached to the artwork with automatic group email notifications of changes.